International Fundraising Congress - Asia

Global NGO, The Resource Alliance has for the past 40+ years been hosting the IFC (International Fundraising Congress) in the Netherlands and is now bringing this flagship social impact conference to Bangkok on 26 - 28 June, called IFC Asia.


The conference is a gathering of 400 fundraisers, leaders, changemakers and thinkers from 12 different countries across the Asia Pacific region and from across the world. There’s a fantastic and richly curated programme shaping up. Amongst the line-up of keynotes are leading entrepreneurs and social innovators James ChenJack Sim and philanthropy advisor to some of the world's most generous philanthropists and celebrity activists, Jenny Santi!


IFC Asia is looking beyond fundraising and we have just released 300 tickets, so secure yours now to ensure you get a place.


A bit more about IFC Asia below.

  • IFC Asia is truly unique and fully immersive. There's nothing else like it in the region.
  • Over 70 sessions (many repeated twice so you can catch sessions you missed the first time).
  • Amazing keynotes including innovators and entrepreneurs James Chen, Jack Sim and also newly announced special guest and philanthropy adviser Jenny Santi!
  • Dozens of globally successfully speakers with deep expertise in Asia.
  • Supported by Marriott and the Rockefeller Foundation, Bangkok.
  • Who should be there: International nonprofits and colleagues in their regional offices; anyone in CSR; social entrepreneurs, leaders, fundraisers, change-makers -- and YOU!
  • Networking, connecting with peers and colleagues, old and new.
  • Excellent value for your investment: Tickets include all sessions, one intensive masterclass, and (unless you choose otherwise) accommodations and meals!

Social Impact Awards: Enter now for a chance to earn your organisation -- and yourself -- prestigious recognition for the work that you do and the opportunity to inspire others. Enter now!

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